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Jane Catlin

“The subject and conceptual point of departure of my work is the continued worldwide acceleration and impact of change on biological organisms and processes.  I am both fascinated and appalled by how humans have affected nature, changing not only interior and exterior form of individual creatures, but entire ecosystems.  As an artist, I am drawn to the visual manifestations of these changes, and so gather images from scientific text, direct observation of nature, and also contemporary design” Artist Statement

Christopher Ganz

“My work depicts my person in multiplicity with different selves representing alter egos as dramatis personae. The use of my likeness is both implicit and symbolic in the portrayal of my narrative; the internal drama involved in creating art and the role of the artist in society. I use realism to invite the viewer into mysterious interior worlds that are layered reflections of the outer. Dehumanizing environments are imbued with literary and art historical references as a critique of societal power structures” Artist Statement

“Arrested Motion filmmaker Carlos Gonzalez follows Portuguese-born artist Vhils as he completes his latest work on the streets of Venice, California. This particular piece was done in conjunction with the “European Bailout Show” at the Post No Bills showspace and located just on the side of the gallery. Watch as the process unfolds…”

Morgan Slade

“The work of Morgan Riccilli Slade is at once mysterious and seductive. His large paintings engage viewers with rich visual storytelling.  Bold, bright colors layered and woven around seeming disparate images pop off the canvas.  Nostalgic silhouettes referencing childhood lend a sweet tone to otherwise satirical social messages.  At first benign, they innocently urge you closer until the narrative surfaces.  Slade’s works on paper and video balance a keen sense of history and photographic nostalgia while capturing a modern elegance and bold graphic style” Artist Website

Yesterday we were delighted to be in San Francisco and specially in this amazing project that artist Hugh Leeman directed, inspired by and in help of  JR  TED Talks project Inside Out.

Without saying more here is the project:

San Francisco group action

“Ideally this San Francisco group action will act as an advertisement offering the viewer the opportunity to see the homeless in a dignifying light, while beautifying the very neighborhood the subjects of the artwork live in. In this group action that took place today people were not only able to see the collaborative efforts between myself, homeless photographers and an internationally recognized artist, JR but they were able to meet and see the subjects in action creating this mural. As I had the homeless not just be the subjects for this project but also be the photographers and creators of the mural as it was them who made this possible by pasting the portraits onto the wall. It is my art and this projects highest aspiration to imagine harnessing others thoughts and dreams to not only beautify the world around us but to introduce disparate groups to one another, ideally this project will operate as a real life facebook. Where posting ideas and musings about one another’s lives are not done on the digital wall of our computer screens but on a real wall in real life” Hugh Leeman

San Francisco group action with a other piece by the side of Hugh Leeman (red painting).

Blue Pasting

Bernard being photographed by Hugh

Blue playing the Harmonica




D*Face Ridiculous Pool Paint attack.


“Snarkitecture is a collaborative practice operating in territories between the disciplines of art and architecture. Established by Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen, Snarkitecture aims to make architecture perform the unexpected” Daniel Arsham


Aaron De La Cruz

“Aaron De La Cruz’s work, though minimal and direct at first, tends to overcome barriers of separation and freely steps in and out of the realms of design, graffiti, and illustration” A. C. Website

“The parameters he has chosen to work within actually allow him to free himself and react to the very limitations he has created. This overriding structure and the lack of deliberation while moving within creates a tension when encountering his work due to the almost computer generated grid like systems he creates by unplanned markmaking. The act and the marks themselves are very primal in nature but tend to take on distinct and sometimes higher meanings in the broad range of mediums and contexts they appear in and on” A. C. Website

“His work finds strengths in the reduction of his interests in life to minimal information. De La Cruz gains from the idea of exclusion, just because you don’t literally see it doesn’t mean that its not there” A. C. Website

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