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Valerie Hegarty

“For Valerie Hegarty, the joy of her work lies in its destruction rather than its making. Centring her practice on the politics of the American myth, Hegarty’s canvases and sculptures replicate emblems of frontier ethos – colonial furniture, antique dishware, and heroic paintings of landscapes and national figures only to demolish them by devices associated with their historical significance” Saatchi Profile


Jan Von Holleben

Dreams of Flying

“Crossing the desert on the back of a dog or searching for lost treasures on the bottom of the ocean, Jan von Holleben’s photographs make nostalgic dreams come true.

Jan brings the influences of his parents – a cinematographer and child therapist – to his work. His focus on the visual representation of childhood, ‘Child-History’ and concepts of ‘Playing’, come from his teacher training coursework: he combines these theories with his personal experience and childhood memories. Inspired by classic childhood books as well as modern superheroes, he has produced ‘Dreams of Flying’ since 2002 with children from his local neighbourhood in Southwest Germany – ongoing!”

“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.”

Jorge Luis Borges

Morgan Slade

“The work of Morgan Riccilli Slade is at once mysterious and seductive. His large paintings engage viewers with rich visual storytelling.  Bold, bright colors layered and woven around seeming disparate images pop off the canvas.  Nostalgic silhouettes referencing childhood lend a sweet tone to otherwise satirical social messages.  At first benign, they innocently urge you closer until the narrative surfaces.  Slade’s works on paper and video balance a keen sense of history and photographic nostalgia while capturing a modern elegance and bold graphic style” Artist Website


Michael Wandelmaier

is an illustrator and graphic designer who currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Though formally trained as a civil engineer and geologist, Michael has chosen to pursue a career in the arts. He uses both traditional and digital media in his work.

“Spoke Art is San Francisco’s newest art gallery and publishing house. Following a year of pop up exhibits in New York City, San Francisco and Oakland, we have finally settled down into our new permanent space on Sutter Street in San Francisco’s dynamic Lower Nob Hill neighborhood. We specialize in emerging new contemporary artists with a firm emphasis on figurative and illustrative works” S.A.G.

Last show made by this awesome gallery was a tribute to Tarantino and The Brothers. We found this amazing video and would like to show it to you guys, the show was curated by Ken Harman.



“I understand painting as a continuous process of searching, in which I can develop different ideas. Around this process, I get to many different symbols, that are used in my own compositions” ESCIF

The tittle in Escif’s work is really important, it gives more to the strong power it allready has.

we are the touristsNice time for a Revolution? We are the tourists.


“Although sometimes is not easy to separate, I try to focus my work around concepts, not just shapes. I try to found my style like the consequences of my own ideas.
I understand the painting as an exercise of reflection that can be shared with people” Escif


Horror Vacui “A esta posibilidad que tiene la realidad humana de segregar una nada que lo aísla, Descartes, despues de los estoicos, le dio un nombre: es la libertad”


Universidad de BilbaoFinal de Carrera. (Universidad de Bilbao).


I recommend reading the interview to Escif made by Unurth.

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